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2013 BaselWorld kicked off in the eye. Swiss watchmaker Omega professional in this table show launched eight major series of new products.


Omega Constellation watch Sedna

Timeless classic perfect blend of beauty and innovative materials

Sedna ™ Gold Omega named a new alloy, which fused by gold, copper and palladium are three metal elements formed. This is a 18K rose gold, the lowest level that is 75 percent gold. Sedna ™ unique rose gold red color in a way appropriate proportion of copper benefited. While palladium ensure Sedna ™ reddish gold color eternal and lasting. Name this new alloy from TNOs astronomers called Sedna’s, Sedna asteroids in the solar system is considered one of the reddest objects surface color. In addition, Sedna is a living legend by the Inuit people in the Arctic Ocean at the end of the goddess’s name.cheap OMEGA

Omega Constellation watch Sedna is the first gold production using 18K Sedna ™ watch. This limited edition watch will be a timeless classic beauty and legendary watch series debut of innovative materials perfect fusion. Fusion of gold, copper and palladium from the patented alloy 18K Sedna ™ Gold ensures unique rose gold color case eternal and lasting. Hour markers, hands and clasp are using 18K Sedna gold.

欧米茄全新海马系列Aqua Terra >15,000高斯腕表

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Opened a new era in watchmaking sector shielded

8508 Omega coaxial movement is one of the technological breakthroughs in recent years, the field of the world’s most sensational watchmaking . This innovative movement can withstand up to 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss) even more intense magnetic field, magnetic performance is far better than any the world had a movement to solve the problems of the watch industry centuries shielded problems.OMEGA Discount

With Seamaster Aqua Terra gauss debut watch, Omega released a brand breakthrough anti-magnetic technology, opening up a new era in watchmaking sector shielded so that it can calmly deal with the increasing challenges brought by the magnetic field.

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